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Top 10 Supplement/Lifestyle Tips to Lose Belly Fat

List of the Month:     Take lysine-enriched branched-chain amino acids to lose more visceral belly fat while promoting muscle building and a high level of performance. Support insulin sensitivity.  Take omega-3 fats to make your cells receptive to insulin, and eat less than 120 g of carbs a day from only low-glycemic sources.

Kettlebell Training 101

I’ve seen, studied, and used almost every quality fitness tool and worthless infomercial gadget introduced to the marketplace over the last couple decades.  Quite a few of them get regular use at Punch Gym… but I’d need three times the gym space to hold what’s been tossed in the dumpster out back!

The importance of Cross Training.

 You consider yourself to be in better than average shape. You run several times a week for health and fitness and maybe do an occasional fun run on the weekend. Some friends come into town for the holidays and you decide to go skiing. No problem, you're in great shape, right? Wrong. After a day on the slopes you feel like you've been run over by Santa's sleigh and all his reindeer. What's going on?You may be in great shape, for the sort of exercise you do routinely.

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